Class Action Law Suit information

As with all class action law suits, it is important for the attorneys to get the word out to all potential plaintiffs. Because of all of the advertising and hype, much confusion about the issues can be generated. Both good samaritan and greedy individuals are drawn to situations such as this like moths to a flame.

In the case of the polybutylene (PB) class action suit, many plumbing contractors have geared up and are ready to provide assistance to those who want to remove their PB plumbing systems. In many cases, these contractors fan the flames that cause panicked families to re plumb their homes whether they have faulty PB systems or reliable PB systems from reputable companies. I have contacted several plumbing contractors while researching this matter who say, "if it is poly.. leak now or leak later... it is a matter of time. We might as well change it out now before you have damage." This was told to me three times today without a single question asked about the PB system in question. In my opinion, THIS IS A FARCE! Remember it is the acetal fitting failures and not the pipe that was problematic. Vanguard PB MANABLOC systems do not use the acetal fittings described.

There are 4 major types of PB plumbing systems. TWO of these have had problems and are involved in the class action suit and TWO have not had the problems. Links below will take you to the class action suit sites as well as to a NON-BIASED informational document on PB systems compiled by Vanguard.



MANABLOC manifolds by Vanguard come in several sizes. My house had two manifolds. Generally, one is required for each hot water tank present in the home. The manifold pictured above, supplied service to the master bathroom and the guest bathroom.


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NOTE: I have no financial interest in Vanguard Piping. There is no incentive whatsoever for me to maintain this site except that I am one of the many thousands of satisfied customers who has enjoyed the benefits of a polybutylene plumbing system in my home. I simply wanted to give that voice a presence on the internet.