This unique plumbing system uses a dual chamber manifold. The main water line supplies water to the system where it is channeled up the right side of the manifold. Threaded outlets for cold water taps are used to connect the water line to the cold water side of each plumbing fixture. An outlet on top of the cold water side of the manifold then carries water into the cold water inlet of the hot water tank. Hot water returns from the hot water tank and enters the manifold from the outlet on top of the left side. From here, an identical series of threaded outlets are available to bring hot water to the plumbing fixtures. A valve for each hot and cold water line as it leaves the manifold is present making it possible to turn the water supply ON or OFF to a single faucet on a any fixture. A very useful feature!

Other benefits of this system include the fact that there is little or no water hammer. Also, since each faucet on each fixture has it's own supply line directly to the manifold, there is little or no drop in water flow to any faucet when several are opened at once. This system is a real joy when I am in the shower and hear the toilet flush. I am never scalded or chilled!

Amazingly, this system was priced less than copper and just slightly more than PVC. Since I was able to install it, I saved almost $6,000 in construction costs.


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